DFD Tips #3

Analyze those merge/purge reports
A big stack of merge/purge reports can look daunting, but don’t just file them away. They hold a volume of information if you know how to interpret the results. Some things to look for are:

  • Low net names overall – This could indicate high penetration in the market, duplications or dirty lists.
  • High duplication between two rental lists – If there are few unique names on list “B.” Maybe one list could be eliminated.
  • High duplication of rental list and house file – The list owner might be a heavy user of your names. Might be an opportunity for a joint marketing effort.
  • Postal Analysis – The postal reports will show the addressability of a list.

Geographic modeling improves ROI
Considering the economy it might be time to reconsider a zip model. Condensing names into better performing zip codes can raise response and lower postage costs. By comparing mail files and responses you can identify the geographic areas that include your best customers. Match your customer’s main demographics (age, income, education, etc) to prospects in the same zip. A zip model is an inexpensive technique that is easy to implement.