Data Users / Data Creators Survey

The purpose of this survey is to query your employees, particularly those who use or create the data in your company, about their knowledge and perception of Data Quality.

This form has been used successfully in the data review process as a tool for discovering gaps in employee awareness, misconceptions, and areas for improvement in implementing a data quality program.

Please feel free to use this form as you see fit.  You can copy it and distribute it.  All we ask is that you identify Data For Development as the source.  Of course, we would be pleased to hear your feedback and suggestions on this or any other item we provide here.

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Sample Merge/Purge Checklist Available

Here is a copy of a sample merge/purge checklist for you to use when planning your merge/purge. This is a basic overview of the fundamental information you should have before beginning any merge/purge.

Of course, I wholeheartedly look forward to your comments, suggestions, etc. In the future we’ll be posting more documents to help you plan, implement, and keep track of your merge/purge projects.

Some will be checklists like this one, some flowcharts, and so forth. Check back often to see what’s new!
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