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Are you leveraging your data to its fullest potential? Do you know everything there is to know about your customers—and, more importantly—who you should be prospecting to next? Data Appending and Customer Profiling is designed to help you do just that. By filling in the blanks in your data, and then analyzing the results, your sales and marketing will be greatly enhanced by being able to qualify and target your efforts better.
Data appending will help you by:
  • Appending 100’s of data elements to your current lists
  • Consumer demographics and lifestyle data
  • Business firmographics and corporate information
  • Phone numbers, emails, contact names, business titles, and more…
Our Consumer Customer Profiling helps you understand your customer base and identify prospects that will behave as your best customers do. Your customer file is compared to a database of 140 million Americans with over 600 different lifestyle, purchasing, and demographic elements. The resulting analysis will give you a deeper understanding of your customers than ever before:
Data appending will help you by:
  • What is their lifestyle, income, family structure like?
  • What are their purchasing habits, history, and the types of offers they respond to?
  • Where are they in their Lifecycle (new parents, recent retirees, college savers, etc.)
  • And best of all -- it’s fact-based instead of ‘gut’-based
Armed with this information, your customer acquisition efforts will now have a better chance to succeed as you will be making list purchases based upon a solid understanding of the type of prospect who will best mimic your best customers. No more guessing—just facts and statistics.
And all this is available for Business-to-Business marketers, too. So, ask yourself: “What do I want to accomplish?”

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