Data Quality & Stewardship

If you suspect that you have issues with the data quality in your organization, our Data Quality Review will help you uncover those issues, fix them, and prevent them from happening again.
Our Data Review process looks at the entire data flow in your company—from initial acquisition of the data to its final disposition.
The key components of a Data Review include:
  • Meetings with stakeholders to focus review and identify business objectives
  • On-site or off-site analysis of data and comprehensive feedback
  • An understanding of the ‘data flow’ in your organization
  • Definition and alignment of business rules as they relate to the data
The Data Review process can be tightly focused to address a limited number of specific issues, or a comprehensive effort to align all data processes in your company with corporate objectives.
The goals of a Data Review include:
  • Identify current levels of data quality
  • Identify business practices that impact data quality
  • Evaluate the data acquisition processes in the organization
  • Develop a ‘data solution’ plan to address these issues, repair damage, and implement changes to prevent future occurrences
A ‘Data Solution’ plan is your starting point to better data governance and stewardship. In today’s data-driven economy, your data is a strategic asset for your company and must be treated as such.
A ‘Data Solution’ plan will help:
  • Set initial objectives for the collection, usage, and disposition of data in your organization
  • Create procedures for handling your data in a controlled, predictable, and efficient manner
  • Define cleansing rules and application points
  • Create documentation to codify plan
  • Train and advise in-house Data Steward/s
  • Create a review process for ongoing evaluation
A Data Review will help make your data a formidable competitive advantage for your company.

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