“What do you want to accomplish?”
That’s how we start every conversation: “What do you want to accomplish?”, because every company has its own unique objectives and expectations, and only by focusing on those can we perform our part to your complete satisfaction.
It’s not about software or hardware or process or technique—it’s about “What do YOU want to accomplish?”
Every merge/purge is different. Every merge/purge is both a science and an art.
Merge/purge is a science because you have:
  • Precise input
  • Precise output
  • Predictable software
  • Proven systems and processes
But, merge/purge is also an art because you have:
  • Unknown quality and pedigree of the input files, which may require special handling
  • Unique expectation for the output and how it will serve your overall objectives
  • Unique characteristics of your target market which dictates how the merge/purge will be run
  • A new perspective with every new set of eyes that reviews it
There is no one-size-fits-all approach to merge/purge. Sure, to perform any merge/purge requires an extensive set of specialized tools—however, tools alone will not guarantee the results you’re looking for: give one person a hammer and he will barely be able to nail two boards together—give another person the same hammer and she’ll build you a house. So it is with merge/purge, too. You need someone with the experience and expertise to use those tools correctly to ensure your specific objectives are being met.

With thousands of merge/purge projects behind us, we have the experience and expertise to guarantee you get the most relevant outcome from your merge/purge.

All the standards you expect are available for your merge/purge project:
  • Key Coding
  • Nthing
  • Segmentation
  • Zip Select / Omit Processing
  • Suppression Files
  • …and much more
All the standards you expect are available for your merge/purge project:
  • Up to 18 unique match criteria applied to each record for comparison to every other record
  • Custom Ranking / Prioritization schemes including IF/THEN/ELSE logic:
    • Ex: “if TITLE equals “President”, prioritize over all other titles. ELSE If TITLE does NOT equal “President” than prioritize randomly among titles.
    • Pull dupes randomly from input sources or,
    • Pull dupes proportionately from among the input sources or,
    • Pull dupes equally from among the input sources
  • Custom Output functions:
    • Custom Nthing
    • Test Panels
    • Title Addressing
    • Formatting / Finder Numbers / Layouts
    • Extensive, comprehensive, and custom reporting

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