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How much is dirty data costing you? How much wasted postage and printing do you absorb because of poor Data Quality? How many missed opportunities to connect with your customers, how much damage to your brand will you accept? You’ve invested in your customer relationships and your data assets, but is poor Data Quality keeping you from utilizing those to their fullest extent?

Some issues that affect Data Quality:
  • The data ages and is never updated
  • The data is questionable, and never validated or verified
  • Duplicates creep into your list, bloating it to an unreasonable and wasteful size
  • Data is entered into the system without standardized rules governing the process
  • The data is poorly formatted with no consistency: companies in address fields, names in company fields, and so forth
This leads to:
  • Salespeople calling leads that are not viable
  • Wasted postage, printing, and production costs for your direct mail efforts
  • Negative brand-image as you send out duplicates, or fail to recognize current customers and treat them as prospects
  • Compromised back-end analysis of your marketing efforts due to faulty data
  • Worst of all – lost opportunities to connect with your customer
Any company that uses direct mail in their business is a prospect for this service. Usually, the company doing the mailing (the ‘mailer’), has their own internal customer list/s that have to be merge/purged, sometimes with outside rented lists (prospects), or their own ‘do-not-mail’ lists (called ‘suppression’ files).
And, we can help you achieve those levels of accuracy and reliability.

Our proprietary procedures and software—refined over almost four decades of data cleansing work—ensures that we can deliver on what we promise. There isn’t much that we haven’t already seen and fixed.

Some (but not all) processes available to achieve this:
  • Postal Standardization for deliverability and reliability using USPS Certified CASS/NCOA
  • Advanced Address Correction to catch and correct up to 50% of what the USPS misses
  • Proprietary tools to format your list in consistent, proper, well-defined fields
  • Data validation and enhancement, including extensive phone data processes
But, no two lists are the same; no two companies collect and utilize data in exactly the same way. Since your list is unique and individual to your company, any data cleansing must be unique and individualized as well. Any such one-size-fits-all approach to data cleansing is doomed to mediocrity at best, and outright failure at worst.
What we bring to you is a consultative approach to cleaning your list. Your specific data, your specific expectations and goals, are what dictate how we approach your project.
Is this overly expensive:
  • No.
  • Nope.
  • Nuh-uh.
Data quality has been the cornerstone of our business since we opened our doors in 1984. Our experience and our tools—developed over all that time—allows us to provide you premier-class service and reliability at market-competitive rates.
We are good at what we do, we are efficient at doing it, and you reap the benefits.
See our page on Data Quality and Stewardship (link here) for more information on how to implement a total Data Quality solution at your company.
So, give us a call and let’s talk. There’s no cost for a consultation and preliminary assessment of your data issues. Even if you decide to do nothing—at least you’ll know.

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