Circulation Planning

Proper planning is the secret to marketing success, but proper planning goes beyond just doing what has always worked in the past. In today’s business landscape, the challenges to success have multiplied like rabbits, but thankfully, so have the means to address those challenges.
In your marketing efforts, do you currently:
  • Explore new channels that you have not used before?
  • Test, test, and then test some more?
  • Segment your efforts to the finest level of detail?
  • Actively search out new lists to prospect to?
  • Analyze your results through matchbacks and other back-end techniques?
Even if you answered “Yes!” to all the above questions, (and I hope you did), a second set of eyes on your marketing will help you see opportunities that you might have missed, while challenging you to refine and focus your process to reap the greatest success from your marketing efforts.
Our network of circulation consultants are experts in market research, data acquisition, test/control segmentation, deployment, and back-end analysis. A professional, experienced circulation consultant can bring a world of value and profitability to your marketing.
Our experts with decades of experience in:
  • B-to-B Catalog
  • B-to-C Catalog
  • The Education Market
  • ... and more
It all starts with one simple question: “What do you want to accomplish?”

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