Flat-Rate List Cleaning Packages

For 38 years we have been preaching the value of good Data Quality. Dirty, invalid, and poorly formatted data has always been a detriment—all up and down the direct marketing chain.

And you—the list manager or list broker—who provide the lists to your clients, get blamed for this when it happens. Yet, much of that is beyond your control. You have no say in how the data is gathered, cleaned, or maintained. Mostly, you find out about these problems at the same time your client does—and by then, it’s too late.
In today’s highly competitive marketplace, where the big mailers demand and get ever smaller and smaller nets, the necessity of sending only the best, most deliverable names is more important than ever.
Some of the “steps” in our 21-step process:
  • Higher nets and more money
  • Your list stands out in CV reports as clean and reliable
  • A better impression of you, your company, and your recommendations
  • More opportunity for repeat orders
This process is especially effective on Internet-generated lists, where formatting, profanity, and other data quality issues are rampant. And, as you have probably run across yourself—many list owners in this space are great at accumulating names, but don’t have the experience or tools to maintain or clean the names they gather. Fast turnaround and low prices mean we can be an important step in the process before you turn over the list to your client, and yet still keep to deadlines and budgets.
Our flat-rate list cleaning process is the answer. Cheap, fast, and reliable—we run a 21-step process on your list that cleans, dedupes, and outputs a list that is 100% deliverable. Now your list can stand out as the “best of the best” in anyone’s merge.
A clean file means:
  • CASS / Full, 48-month NCOA
  • Proprietary Advanced Address Correction
  • Proprietary 60-month PCOA move updates from 240-million name consumer file
  • Aggressive scrubbing of any USPS addressing issues
  • Prison Suppress / DMA Pander Suppress / Profanity Suppress
  • Business/Residential identifier, Single / Multi-Family dwelling identifier
  • Deduping – by household, by individual, by address – you choose
  • PO Box identifier
  • Gender coding, incomplete name suppress
In addition to the cleansing, you get a comprehensive report showing exactly what was removed from your list, and why—including statistics on businesses vs. residences, PO Boxes, gender, and much more.
Best of all, you get to customize the process to your own specific needs, and at no additional cost:
  • Zip selecting / omitting included
  • Custom output segmentation / key coding / nthing included
  • Custom output formatting included
  • You decide: one-per-house, one-per-address, or one-per-family deduping
  • Client supplied suppression file/s included
Low prices, quick turnaround, and a 100% guarantee:
  • Prices start at $125 for the first 100,000 records (call for complete price list)
  • Same-day turnaround
  • 100% satisfaction guarantee – this is not some plug-and-play Internet-based app. It’s real people with real eyeballs and real brains working your project.

We have been serving the list industry for nearly four decades, cleaning data and providing the files our clients rely on to succeed.

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