DFDI Tips #1

Three key fields create most data errors
Data entry errors will cost you in undeliverable materials, postage and lost sales. The Name field and Address Field are obvious culprits. But the Date Field is also a problem when entered by untrained people. RFM models will not work with nonstandard sales dates. What if the month and date get transformed? By setting a filter in your data entry system, most bad entries will be caught. It’s critical to work with your IT department or service bureau to standardize all dates into month-day-year numeric format.

Rediscover geographic modeling
During the early days of mass marketing, geographic saturation mailings were very common. Carrier route mailings disappeared as costs went up and technology provided better target marketing methods. It might be time to take another look at those carrier routes. A good zip model can raise response and lower postage. Take closer look at where your best customers live. Their neighbors are very similar in income, age and lifestyle. There are probably several that could become your next best customers.